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This Is Going To Hurt: Summary

Everything you need to know about Adam Kay's This Is Going To Hurt, in 1 paragraph.
An illustration of a reader enjoying This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay in a cosy interior
A reader enjoying This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay
This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay is an autobiographical account of the author's time as a junior doctor in the National Health Service. The book details his journey from medical school to the NHS, where he experiences both the highs and lows of being a doctor. It covers everything from the stress of its demanding hours and challenging decisions to the rewarding moments when making a difference in patients’ lives. It also offers an insight into how the NHS works and how it can be improved.

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What is This Is Going To Hurt about?

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay is a memoir of his experiences as a junior doctor in the National Health Service (NHS). In it, he details the chaotic, difficult and often heartbreaking situations he encountered during his career. The book reflects on the personal and professional pressures that doctors face, as well as the joys and challenges of caring for patients. It also highlights the importance of compassion in healthcare, and how even the best-laid plans can be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Ultimately, This Is Going To Hurt is about resilience, compassion and perseverance in the face of adversity.

This Is Going To Hurt: Book Club Questions

  1. How did Adam Kay's experience as a junior doctor shape his views on the healthcare system?
  2. What did you think of the humorous anecdotes throughout the book?
  3. How did Adam Kay's writing style impact your overall opinion of the book?
  4. What do you think were the main messages that Adam Kay wanted to convey in This Is Going To Hurt?
  5. How does Adam Kay's experience with burnout and working long hours influence his writing?
  6. Do you feel that Adam Kay's use of personal stories helped to highlight the issues within the healthcare system?
  7. Do you feel that the book provides readers with an accurate representation of life as a doctor?
  8. How has this book affected your perception of medical professionals?
  9. Did you find any sections of the book particularly moving or thought-provoking?
  10. Was there anything in particular that you felt was left out of the book or that could have been explored further?

What to say about This Is Going To Hurt

  • Adam Kay's narrative in This Is Going To Hurt is both humorous and heartbreaking, creating a powerful impression.
  • I found the stories of human resilience and compassion throughout the book to be particularly moving.
  • The book offers an unflinching look at the realities of life as a doctor, told in a very accessible and engaging style.
  • The honest account of the mental and emotional challenges faced by medical staff was both insightful and thought-provoking.
  • It was remarkable to observe how even in moments of immense pressure, the importance of humanity never wavered.
  • This Is Going To Hurt provides a unique perspective on the healthcare system that is both eye-opening and inspiring.
  • Throughout the book, it's clear that Adam Kay has a deep respect for his colleagues and patients alike.
  • One of the most impressive aspects of this book is its ability to illustrate the complexity of medical care without losing sight of its core message.
  • What struck me most about this book is its ability to move between lightheartedness and gravity with ease, making each story all the more impactful.
  • This Is Going To Hurt serves not only as an exploration into our healthcare system, but also a reminder to always remain compassionate in times of difficulty.

Top 5 Quotes from This Is Going To Hurt

  1. "You don’t have to be strong all the time. It’s OK to be scared, and it’s also OK to admit it."
  2. "Medicine isn’t just a job, it’s a vocation. It’s what you do, not who you are."
  3. "The NHS isn't perfect but it's a million miles better than anything else that has ever been attempted anywhere in the world."
  4. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."
  5. "Every single person you treat is someone else’s world."

Adaptations of This Is Going To Hurt

Currently, there are no adaptations of This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay.

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This Is Going To Hurt was the Sunday Times Bestseller for an astonishing 30 weeks in a row.